Non-Toxic Summer Workshop

A guide to non-toxic products this summer | taught by Emily Fletcher

Course description

As parents we want to protect our children from sunburn, insect bites, protect their eyes and keep them safe in the water...but it can be really tricky to find products which don't also include chemicals linked to negative health effects.

Summer is my favourite season, but it's also fraught with not-so-nice products.

In the past, I've used mainstream brands and I had no idea that they can be chock full of toxic ingredients. After I had my daughter, I started researching what was in our home and looking into healthier options for our whole family. It’s a mine-field out there! I’ve been really shocked.

That's why I've compiled this workshop for you, to share all the hours and hours of research I've done to find the best, safest, and most effective products on the market. I would like to help you avoid the surprisingly toxic ingredients that can be lurking in summertime children’s products, so that you too can make safe choices for your children and families...

In this workshop, I combine extensive research with my personal preferences.

I will take you through the following modules:

Sunscreens: How they work, what ingredients to avoid and the products I recommend using for your family this summer.

Insect repellents: Reducing the risks of bites, an in depth examination of ingredients and product recommendations.

Water safety & paddling pools: Which materials are safe and what to avoid as well as some fantastic product recommendations.

Sunglasses: Why they’re important and how to pick the right pair.

The Non-Toxic Summer course is yours for a short time at a heavily discounted rate of $9.95! You will have access to the course for 4 weeks.

All the proceeds go straight back into the running of My Non-Toxic Tribe - the website, course platform and for ongoing research and development so that I can continue to bring you the most in-depth product advice possible.

Thank you for your support! Em x

I'm so glad you've decided to join me in creating a safer summer for your family!

Emily Fletcher
Emily Fletcher
Founder of My Non-Toxic Tribe

Emily is founder of the 'My Non-Toxic Tribe' website which was originally the 'My Non-Toxic Baby' blog. She does all the heavy lifting to bring her readers meticulously researched articles, giving practical advice on how to reduce your child's exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

As a qualified Optometrist who is endorsed to prescribe therapeutic ocular medications, she has studied advanced sciences at university in her training. In her articles, Emily combines her studies with her passion for finding non-toxic products for her daughter, Isabella. Emily decodes the ingredients lists on products and tells you what you need to know to make safe choices.

In this workshop Emily shares her personal research and opinions on summertime children's products with other parents.